Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her profession. She is patient and understands you may have lots of questions. She takes the time to thoroughly explain each procedure so you are well informed and comfortable prior to making any decisions. She has a very gentle touch and is a perfectionist which is exactly what you want when it comes to your beauty. I highly recommend and trust Lisa.
I had my first appointment with Nurse Lisa and I really enjoyed her service and would love to recommend it to any guy. She knows how to pamper us and best of all, I got a B-12 shot, her hands were so stealthy, I did not feel a thing. Thank you Nurse Lisa!
Lisa is the best! She listened to what I was looking for and hoping to accomplish and gave me great advice. She is reliable and great at what she does.
Loved my treatment. Lisa is awesome- She is professional and extremely knowledgeable. It was great to finally have a place to go and feel comfortable receiving and discussing procedures that are tailored to men!
Lisa’s method of administering the P Shot is a 2-step process. The first step, while not necessary, was helpful and recommended. It’s a 30minute consultation to go over the procedure and answer any questions one may have about the process. I am the type of person who does my own research ahead of time, so much of what Lisa and I went over and confirmed what I’d read online. Still, it was reassuring to hear her talk through the procedure. We agreed on a date and time for the P Shot. The Pshot procedure is straightforward. I won’t take time to explain the process, step-by-step, that’s what her consults is for. I will say the entire procedure takes about 90 minutes. Lisa made me feel totally comfortable, relaxed, and chill. Any of the embarrassment you might feel is completely gone. To me it was like going to the barber. You sit in the chair (lay back in this case) and have the procedure done. During the procedure you chat casually about this and that. The results…well…let’s just say I’m 100% satisfied customer and am going back for more.
10/10 * I am so happy when I leave from my treatments with LISA. I, myself, am a beauty / cosmetic injector. I am meticulous about my work and those who work on me. I trust LISA and would never question her suggestions to me. She looks at you as a whole and determines what is best to help you plan your regimens / treatments. I share my concerns and together we come up with a plan that LISA educates me with along the way. She is always available for any follow up questions or concerns and I appreciate her dedication to her business and her clients, especially me. If you haven't visited LISA for a service / treatment yet, I'm sorry but you're missing out. She offers a variety of services and I always leave with a smile. Thanks Lisa for all you do, you're so beautiful and amazing.
She Knows How to Pamper Us! I had my first appointment with Nurse Lisa, I really, really enjoyed her service and would love to recommend it to any guy. She knows how to pamper us and best of all, I got a b-12 shot, her hands were so stealthy I did not feel anything. Thank you, Nurse Lisa!